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Chris Magyar

A Horrifying Glimpse Into the Way I Live



1 - My computer. Note the blank blog entry page. I put the chrome Texas on top of the Apple logo because it's funny. V put the #1 sticky note on the monitor because it's true.

2 - We are a magazine people, nomads who scour subscription cards for fresh fodder to fuel our restless souls. Somebody besides Apple please invent an inexpensive and awesome color-screen eReader specifically for magazines so I can have a coffee table again. (n.b., coffee table was recently straightened, and magazine clutter is currently at 1/3 normal capacity.)

3 - This is in my bedroom so I do not forget where the states are, particularly after the dramatic move of Alaska and Hawaii to Mexico, which is surprisingly easy to forget. I'm proud that Colorado's thing shits all over Utah's thing. I'm proud that California and Texas have three things while Illinois has zero. I'm dubious, still, that North Dakota exists.

4 - An iron, a sewing machine, a steamer, a vacuum, and a bridal bouquet. I call this photo "the feminine mystique." I also don't think that joke was worth the dirty look I'll get from V, but what am I going to do, backspace?

5 - This is mostly where our trash cans live because somebody with a lot of fur and absolutely no morals can't control her little urges. At some point, a decision was made that trash at nose level was less disgusting than trash rubbed into the carpet. Has it occurred to us to simply ditch the SUV-sized kitchen garbage and find bins that will fit under the sink? NO THIS IS BETTER.

6 - Bear skin rug audition. 

7 - Guest bathtub.


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