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Chris Magyar

My Bookmarks Bar


Men’s wallets hold a weird fascination for women. It’s a classic flirtation or early date move for a girl to grab a guy’s wallet and rifle through it. Theoretically, this is a pretty major invasion of privacy, but I’ve never seen a guy do anything but either put up with it or enthusiastically give a tour of the contents. Smart phones, particularly iPhones, invite the same sort of browsing. What apps you got? 

So though this post may be narcissistic by definition, I figure somewhere out there, someone might find it mildly (very, very mildly) interesting to know what’s on my bookmarks bar.

  • ADP. Pay statements, yo. I’m pretty anal about tracking my finances. (Being responsible with them? Not so much. But I track them like Tonto.) I don’t get physical stubs, so I have to go to this site to enter in my deductions and whatnot. Thrilling!
  • Aviary Lounge. I do promotion work for them, and I built this site. I maintain it and write most of the posts and then spam the hell out of Facebook and Twitter using a Wordpress plugin. In exchange, I get a place to drink for free and the ability to show movies once a week.
  • Meetup. I run the Foreign Flick Fridays at Aviary (see above) and belong to Young Austin Wine Lovers and a chat group that meets every other week to discuss New Yorker articles. 
  • Twitter. Follow me @icrywolf and you’ll find out that I have no idea how to effectively monetize social media in an increasingly interconnected economy that’s all about leveraging personal brands, and I don’t care.
  • Gowalla. It’s local to Austin so I try to use it instead of Foursquare and you couldn’t get me to use Facebook Places with a loaded gun. Pretty much deprecated, but if I ever want to visit my pixelated collection of latte icons, I can do it with a single click.
  • Five banks I use. I can only take personal divulgence so far.
  • Grocery Gadget. For a while there, V and I were all over the meal planning and careful grocery budgeting. Then, I got tired of spending 90 minutes at the grocery store to pick up one meal’s worth of items. A decent service and app but too involved for the typical working schlub.
  • The B-Movie Message Board. An actual message board. I’ve frequented it for nearly a decade, but lately I’ve been swallowed by feeds and now I only pop in on occasion to read movie reviews. Still, I love its regular members like brothers (and a few sisters), and it’s an island of civility in an Internet full of 12-year-olds.
  • Kongregate. Loves me some free Flash games. Keeps me from making stupid purchases I can’t afford, like an X-Box or video games that cost money or, you know, a TV. Plus, I’m a sucker for badges.
  • Rotten Dead Pool. A fun yearly game in which you guess who will die. If you get more right than anyone else, you … I don’t know, actually. Doesn’t matter. Out of 10 possible picks, I’ve never had more than 2 right answers. Want to live? Allow me to predict your death. I visit often because the sidebar serves as a handy distillation of TMZ-style pop culture news without making me feel all dirty or, worse, AOL-y. 
  • The Sixty-One. Wonderful music discovery service that has replaced any desire I have to visit Pandora. Plus, I think it has one of the most innovative website designs going. I’ve long since abandoned the “game” aspect of trying to get points and bump artists. Now I just browse and enjoy.
  • We Are Hunted. A Billboard-style chart that highlights most-downloaded emerging artists. Comes across as a pastiche of various indie and hip-hop genres and does a better job of capturing current Top 40 zeitgeist than The Sixty-One. 
  • Go Music. Just because I happen to have a Russian music downloading service linked, it doesn’t mean I circumvent any laws. I use it like an IMDB to look up what new albums are coming out. Just for that. What?
  • Netflix. This really cool video renting and streaming service I belong to. You should check it out! Now fully Mac compatible!
  • MLB.com. Baseball has done a fantastic job of making me not need a TV with this service. When I can afford the $10 for the streaming feeds of every game, I’m in hog heaven. 
  • Yahoo! Sports. For fantasy sports purposes. 
  • The Hardball Times. While Fangraphs is totally more fun and updates more frequently these days, I still keep a link to this site for old time’s sake. I published an article on realignment once. Their annual books are a must read for any sabermetrician. 
  • Woot! One of these days, they’ll post an iPad for $50. Until then, I just read the daily promos for an example of great comedy writing. Seriously, these guys give The Onion a run for its money. Reminds of the late, great Girls Are Pretty heyday.
  • Craigslist. For all my adult services needs. What? They what? Well, I guess I can find apartments there, too.
  • Demand Studios. I do some freelancing for them when I feel like I’m dead broke, and I felt dead broke a lot when I was between jobs earlier this year. I’m not sure how I feel about the content mills, but this one pays the best, so it’s got that going for it.
  • Austin Hash House Harriers. I’ve only hashed three times with them, because they run on Sunday afternoons, and I don’t know if you’ve heard this about Texas, but it gets killer hot here. One of these days, I’ll have to get back out to a full moon run, though. Jordass for Men must live on.
  • Jabootu’s Bad Movie Zone. I designed this site, too, and I’ve got a half-written article for it that I really should finish one of these days. Ken Begg is one of my heroes in the b-movie criticism world, and he’s a sweet guy to boot. When I can make it to B-Fest, he’s one of the people who makes the trek to Chicago worthwhile. 
  • ChrisMagyar.com. The fact that I’m blogging on Tumblr should tell you everything you need to know about this site. I always swoop in and clean off the cobwebs when I’m unemployed, then become embarrassed by its presence and let it go fallow again. Nice to have a vanity e-mail address, though. And I certainly can’t let the domain fall into the hands of evil Street Fighter Chris Magyar.

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